CFAWin is the core application of CFA Software's product line. Controlling the costs and expenses of maintenance operations is an ever-present task. Identifying each and every cost and expense are key components of this task. CFAWin allows you to identify costs and expenses, providing you with the metrics to reduce and control these costs and expenses. CFAWin comes standard with a large variety of reports.

Here are just some of the items CFAWin tracks. . .
  • Asset Management
  • Equipment Replacement
  • PM Scheduling
  • Warranty Tracking and Recovery
  • Repair Costs
  • Fuel Consumption and Costs
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Warranty

For more information please view our brochure.

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eService Request is the web-based tool that allows people in your organization to electronically submit repair requests and report a problem with a piece of equipment.

eService Request eliminates the need for paper forms and provides audit trails for the submitted requests. Also, your customers will be able to view the status of the repair requests, reducing telephone calls and voice-mail messages.

For more information please view our eService Request brochure.

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Shop Floor lets you to eliminate paper repair orders by capturing repair information in the repair shop floor environment. Your mechanics and inventory personnel can enter repair information (such as system codes, parts, and notes) at kiosk computer terminals, or laptops, or even handheld devices such as a PDA. Through this type of repair capture, your people will be able to view previous repair records - including the parts used – all without digging through paper files.

Shop Floor can capture all of the labor time by mechanic/technician for each repair job. Barcodes can be read directly from the source item.

Shop Floor can be configured in a Management Mode for assigning and viewing all repair operations and Mechanic/Technician Mode for viewing and entering repair information on jobs assigned to the mechanic/technician logged into Shop Floor.

For more information please view our Shop Floor brochure.

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Data Exchange is the electronic exchange of data into or from CFAWin's software data tables. This increases accuracy of all data collection by eliminating double-entry and producing audit trails of data that is imported and exported. It also allows you to have better communication with other departments and business operations within your organization.

Some examples of Importing into CFAWin include. . .
  • Fuel Transactions from your fuel system.
  • Inventory Receipts from your inventory vendor.
  • Inventory Disbursements for repairs from your inventory consignment vendor (e.g., NAPA).
  • SDK/API communication with your accounting system.
  • CFAWin can import data from any published electronic format.

Some examples of Exporting from CFAWin include. . .
  • Costs information to a spreadsheet.
  • SDK/API communication with your accounting system.
  • CFAWin data can be exported to published electronic formats for use in with applications.

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Custom Reporting allows you to use a CFAWin standard report as a template and/or create your own from your organization’s reporting application.

Filtering and sorting can be done by CFAWin or your selected reporting application. To provide the most effective communications with other departments and business operations within your organization, CFA selects reporting applications that allow the reports to run and be delivered on regularly scheduled intervals and accessed via the Internet/intranet.

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