Every organization faces unique challenges that require individual solutions.  CFAWin’s user experience can be tailored to suit any organization’s data collection and reporting needs.  Additional modules are designed to integrate seamlessly with CFAWin, automate process, and increase overall system efficiency.

Data Services

  • Re-Implement the system: Jump start what was lost to time.
  • Bulk Changes: Update numerous data tables simultaneously.
  • Data Cleanup: Remove erroneous entries unable to be corrected by users.
  • Data Conversion: Import data from other applicaitons.


  • 80+ reports are built-in to CFAWin8. If you need a custom report we're here to help...
  • Custom: Customer selected fields positioned in a customer designed layout.
  • Template: Modified version of a standard report (i.e. layout or field choice changes.)
  • Export File: Commonly a CSV file used as an import file to other software.


  • In-House fuel systems
  • Credit Card fuel systems
  • O'Reilly's Parts Counter
  • GPS systems
  • Accounting systems
  • Finance systems
  • Any system we can extract previously entered data.